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Magento Progressive Web App (PWA) helps merchants to enhance the user experience, especially on mobile devices, boost the page load speed, and significantly improve the site rankings on search engines. The interesting thing is that you can achieve your Magento PWA at a reasonable price.


How Should We Start?

First and foremost, to convert your e-store to Magento Progressive Web App, it must be Magento 2.3 ready.

Then, we will need to replace Magento frontend by the dynamic PWA storefront, which is connected to Magento backend by API.

It's crucial that the PWA must be responsive and well-design on both desktop & mobile devices.

As you see, it requires strong expertise to integrate PWA into Magento 2 website.

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First, seeking a high-quality Magento PWA service provider

There are plenty of Magento agencies worldwide but just a few of them are capable of developing PWA for Magento 2 stores.

To be more specific, your selected agency must have a wealth of experience not only in Magento e-commerce but also in PWA development.

As one of the very first Magento PWA integration service providers, Tigren is the top-rated name when it comes to converting a Magento website to PWA.

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Tigren is a 7-year-experience Magento development company, with thousands of successful e-commerce projects in its portfolio.

Notably, Tigren provides an exclusive solution for developing Magento 2 PWA to help merchants save their time, money, and effort.

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Let’s try Tigren PWA on your Desktop & Mobile devices

Have you tried it? All of the amazing features of Magento 2 PWA - by Tigren, including the shortcut on mobile homescreen, fast loading speed, responsive design, offline mode, push notifications without time-consuming installation... are waiting for you to discover.

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Why Tigren's Magento PWA Integration Service?

If you ever think that there is no high-quality service at a reasonable cost, Tigren can prove that you are wrong.
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Solid Experience

Tigren has a thorough understanding and considerable expertise in Progressive Web App, and more importantly, how to apply PWA in Magento 2. The team has been working on a lot of Magento PWA projects and yours might be the next!

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Unique Solution

Magento 2 PWA Theme by Tigren includes a complete PWA storefront and associated API. Different from other PWA solutions, Tigren PWA is developed using the official Magento PWA Studio, ReactJS and GraphQL. As a result, it will deliver all the incredible features of a PWA while embracing Magento's high standards.

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Competitive Price

Let's contact other Magento development companies who also offer Magento PWA integration services to get their quotes. Then, you will notice that Tigren's proposal is the most cost-effective.

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Excellent Support

After-service maintenance and support are essential for any e-commerce development project. At Tigren, they will offer 3-6 months of free support after releasing their clients' Magento Progressive Web App.

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PWA and more

Tigren not only provides Magento 2 PWA development but also other Magento related services. If your current store hasn't been Magento 2.3.x yet, you can ask the team to offer both PWA integration and Magento migration simultaneously.

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Contact Tigren To Ensure Your Magento PWA Project Success!

Tigren can provide the best advice and solutions for your project. Contact the team, show them your current website, and specify your needs (design & functionality) to get a free estimate.